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Fantastic Farming Fun!

It’s time to get back to basics and embrace mother nature in this zany match-3 game. Match up tasty fruit and yummy veggies and become the hero of the farm!

Classic Match-3 Puzzling With a Twist

In Farm Heroes Saga, players are presented with a grid of shiny, happy fruits and vegetables. Your job is to swap adjacent pieces to make matches of 3 or more. If you have played Bejeweled or Candy Crush Saga, you know this puzzle style well.

Farm Heroes Saga puts its own unique twist on this concept by adding bonuses to the board that appear as you play the game. When you successfully make a match, the nearby tiles gain an extra point in value. If you can make a match on one of those spots, you’ll hit your quota of that puzzle piece faster.

If you can make a match of 5, you’ll clear all tiles of that type off of the board, putting a serious dent in your quota. Bigger matches equal serious rewards!

If you meet your quota with moves to spare, you’ll go into a special game mode called Hero Mode. In Hero Mode, you can utilize any remaining moves with an increased score, raking up the points for the highest final score possible.

Boss Modes

Being a farmer is a full time job, and you just never know what’s going to happen next. To change things up, Farm Heroes Saga has the occasional boss level to give players a little extra challenge. Defend the crops from the antics of Rancid Raccoon and his cohorts by making specific matches on the board.


Few mobile games would be complete without boosters. Farm Heroes Saga is no exception. Magic beans, shovels, color collect, tractors, bonus rewards, clean up boosters and more all change up gameplay to make difficult levels a little easier.

Go Head to Head with Friends

Farm Heroes Saga makes it easy to play with friends. Hook the app up with Facebook to compete head to head with the scores of your friends, or play cooperatively and send each other lives when needed. Farming is better with friends!

Adorable Graphics and Great Sound

The puzzle pieces in Farm Heroes Saga are bright and happy, with expressive faces that are sweet and cheerful. The art style is unique and memorable, with vibrant colors and fantastic animations to keep things interesting, round after round.

The sound effects are excellent as well, with joyful crops cheering as they’re cleared from the stage. The cute factor is off the charts!

Free to Play

Farm Heroes Saga is free to play. There are optional in-game purchases that will speed things up and give you the competitive edge, but they’re totally optional. If you want to play for free, you can do so with a little time and patience.

Over 1,000 Levels!

Farm Heroes Saga has over 1,000 levels for you to play through, ensuring hours upon hours of farming fun!