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The Fastest Smartphone Game Ever

Have you ever wanted to blast across the highway at dangerous speeds while on your smartphone? Not literally of course, but through a fast-paced racing game that harkens back to the arcade days where speed and style were the keys to victory? With Fastlane Street Racing, you finally can!

With crisp three-dimensional graphics for the modern age, expansive tracks, responsive controls, and a constant level of challenge, you have an old-school racer that quickly picks up speed and never lets up. Just be sure to buckle up and make sure your airbags are installed; this is going to be one wild ride.

A Game of Choice

Fastlane Street Racing isn’t just some cheap little racer where you plop down a single car and drive in unspectacular circles. It’s brimming with as many options as most of today’s commercial racing games. You won’t find any shortage of variety or challenge here.

  • Includes 10 unique-looking cars to choose from.
  • Drive on over a dozen tracks.
  • Play at least three different kinds of games.
  • Play the game from a third-person point of view, or immerse yourself into the action with the first-person perspective.
  • Try your hand with two difficulty levels and adjust the sensitivity of your device’s accelerometer. It will come in handy later.

Drive Like You’ve Never Driven Before

Fastlane Street Racing features a revolutionary new control scheme that’s made possible thanks to the technological marvels of its portable nature. It’s fast, responsive, intuitive and like nothing you have ever experienced before. You’ll be amazed at the stunts you can pull once the power is literally in your hands!

  • Put the pedal to metal or come to a screeching halt by pressing the on-screen button controls for your gas pedal and brake.
  • Steer your vehicle by tilting and turning the device in your hands. It’s as close as you can get to behind the wheel of your car without actually being behind the wheel!
  • Save your favorite action replays and share them with your friends.

Get Your Game On

There are multiple game modes available for Fastlane Street Racing, all of which require you to employ different skills and strategies to win.

  • Play Arcade mode and hit each checkpoint on the map before time runs out.
  • Play Time Trial mode and race against a pre-recorded time represented as a phantom car on the track. Win by learning from its example, then see if you can beat your own record later on.
  • Play Challenge mode to see if you can complete the list of goals given to you on every map. Try to win the race without touching the walls, overtake the opposition before he crosses the finish line, and a whole lot more!
  • Complete existing tracks to unlock all new ones.

Do You Think You Can Keep Up?

The name should tell you all you need to know. Fastlane Street Racers is fast; it may even be the fastest game you will likely ever find for an iOS or Android device. Needless to say, it’s not for greenhorns. However, if you have the skill, the guts, and the ability to keep up with it, you’ll find a very rewarding racer that you can take with you everywhere you go.

Get in the driver’s seat today. Don’t be shy; the Lite Edition is available for free!