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Hop on

Ready to jump on a trampoline and do some flips? I hope so, because that's pretty much all Flip Master is. Fortunately that simplicity still ends up being quite a bit of fun.

Stick the Landing

As with any good 'simple' game, playing it is the easy part but playing it WELL is where things get tricky.

  • Take your time to get used to the movement. Tucking and untucking is as simple as holding and letting go of the screen, yes, but the timing of the spins is where the challenge comes in. There's no real penalty for landing on your face or flying off the trampoline entirely, and restarting is quick, so when you first start out just mess around for a bit and get a feel for how your jumper moves.
  • Landing on your feet is best. You can land on your butt, back, and sometimes your stomach without getting a game over, but managing to land on your feet is what will get you the most height.
  • There's no shame in bailing out. If you think you might mess up a landing you can always straighten out while you're still high up in the air or untuck so that you land on your back. This will result in fewer points for that specific trick but increase the chances of you not wiping out.
  • Untuck at the last second for a bigger jump. This is very tricky to pull off, but if you can straighten your legs out RIGHT before touching the trampoline (and land on your feet, of course), you'll jump even higher. Mess up and you'll either lose height or fail entirely, though.
  • Grab whatever's floating above you. Sometimes it's coins, sometimes it's a big ol' red balloon (that's stuffed with coins). Either way, grabbing this stuff will come in handy.
  • Spend your coins. What you choose to focus on is up to you, but you can spend your earnings on random drops from the prize machine (i.e. new levels, new jumpers, power-ups, etc), cosmetic items, or training.
  • I'd recommend focusing on training first, unless you want to unlock a particular character more. By spending coins on training, you can increase the likelihood of earning more coins during future attempts. Things like making it easier to stick the landing properly, increasing spin speed, and so on will all help you make bank.
  • You can play while training. You won't receive the benefits from training until it's complete, but you can still use the same character while the timer ticks down with no penalty.

Mind the Edge

I knew Flip Master was going to be a simple game, but I didn't expect to find myself playing so much of it. This is a solid waste of time. I mean that in the best possible way.