Gamehouse Solitaire Vol. 1 - Cards Download Free

Gamehouse Solitaire Vol. 1 includes 10 solitaire games you are probably most familiar with.

Klondike is the game that almost everyone has played and a version is included with every Windows operating system. Addiction has you line up cards by suit starting with the deuce and ending with the King. Vegas Solitaire is similar to Klondike but now you are playing for money and each card counts!

Included games in this volume:

  • Klondike – classic solitaire and a time honored favorite
  • Golf – try to move all cards from columns to one pile
  • Addiction – create a row for each suit, careful planning needed
  • Vegas – Klondike but each move takes away from prize money
  • Pyramid – clear pairs that add up to 13
  • Turbo – move from columns to a pile regardless of suit
  • Crescent – make 8 piles from the crescent formation
  • Yukon – similar to Klondike but with no draw pile
  • FreeCell – also made popular by the Windows version
  • Tri-Peaks – quickly becoming a classic