Gish - Action Download Free

This Ball of Tar Will Do Anything to Save His Girlfriend!

Gish isn't your average hero. In fact, he's a ball of tar. But when his girlfriend Brea is kidnapped by a shadowy figure that climbed out of a manhole, Gish will do anything to save her!

Gish follows Brea's frantic calls for help into the sewers of Dross, a forgotten city filled with twisting corridors, evil traps and demented creatures. With his gooey structure as his only defense, Gish must defeat the freakish creatures, discover the identity of Brea's captor and save the day in this entertaining platformer.

An Amusing 2D Side-Scroller

Gish presents a traditional platformer in which you'll run, jump, swim and use your changeable shape to get through a series of increasingly more complex environments while conking enemies on the head. There are times to beat, coins to collect, extra lives to earn and secrets to unlock, including extra levels that act as amusing tributes to classics like Super Mario Bros. and Pitfall.

What makes Gish unique is how you can use him to strategically interact with the environment. Since you are a gelatinous blob of tar you can glide across the ground, make yourself slippery so you can flow through small spaces, become sticky to climb along walls, or become rigid to give yourself more weight. You're also equipped with some small hooks that let you scale walls and grip or move objects.

An Addicting and Strategic Adventure

With 34 story mode levels including five boss battles and 23 "collection" levels where you must grab as many coins as you can within a given time limit, you can enjoy hours of fascinating gameplay. Take full advantage of the complex physics engine as you navigate tricky seesaws, pendulums and cinder blocks that you can fling into the air with your spikes.

You can also test your platforming skills against a friend in 28 different versus levels with modes ranging from tar blob racing, moving a football across a field and a logrolling variation where each player attempts to maneuver the other off of a seesaw-like platform.

If you are a fan of 2D side-scrolling platformers, download Gish and start the adventure today!