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Knight on the Town

Gods and Glory: Age of Kings is a free-to-play strategy/town-building sim that, sadly, will feel pretty familiar to anyone who's played anything similar on mobile before. On the one hand, this means if you've played other games from the same genre you'll likely be able to tackle a lot of these tasks blindfolded. On the other hand, that familiarity can get your town up and running a bit faster.

Good Foundations

Getting started is pretty much just a matter of following the prompts, at least initially. Thankfully the training wheels come off fairly quickly, and then you're free to focus on your own expansion path. Within reason, of course.

  • If you're unsure of what to do next, check out the info bar in the top-left. This will point you in a general direction, but you can deviate if that's what you'd prefer.
  • Remember to collect your accelerations. Accelerations can be collected from the shop once every few minutes, and will allow you to cut down wait times significantly. These are a great alternative to using premium currency if you don't want to wait.
  • Upgrade everything all the time. You're going to have way more resources than you need in the beginning (thousands, when you use less than a hundred per task). Put it all to good use by getting your structures as high a level as you can.
  • Make use of the 5 minute rule. If something has less than 5 minutes of build time left, you can complete it instantly for free. This is a great way to trim down your overall upkeep time, so long as you leave the game running and watch for the timers.
  • Combine accelerations with the 5 minute skip to really speed things up.
  • Knuckling Under

    Managing and growing your town is only half of the battle. The other half is, well, the battles.

  • Assign units to protect your wall. It won't be long before your newbie insurance policy expires and you're left vulnerable to other players. In addition to upgrading said wall, you'll also want to make sure you have forces in place to help defend it. You can pick and choose from any units you have available (other than your hero), or you can automatically assign everyone if you don't feel like micro-managing.
  • Typical video game placement rules apply. It's in your best interest to keep melee-focused characters in the front lines, and put ranges fighters in the back.
  • Fight using your hero often. Unlike regular units, your hero gains experience through battle and can eventually start to unlock new skills as they improve.
  • Revisit dungeons. The materials you'll earn by fighting enemies can be used to craft new gear for your hero and make them even more powerful.
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    Retreading Water

    Gods and Glory: Age of Kings is a looker, and the familiarity might be a comfort to some, but it's also quite derivative. Whether or not that's a deal-breaker depends on how important the minor differences are, as well as your feelings towards by-the-numbers mobile F2P sims.