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End a War Among Gods and Save Bellarion!

An unending war between the gods has brought the world of Bellarion to the edge of doom. As a last hope, the god of fire, Arswaargh, sends his divine servant Vivien on a mission to restore the balance and find the mysterious artifact needed to defeat the god of darkness, Xarax.

Explore a new and exciting world of adventures, battles and quests. Visit the different gods of Antasion to regain your powers and spend hours completing the lead quests of each race or kingdom as well as many side quests.

Classic RPG Action

Gods: Lands of Infinity Special Edition provides a long list of classic RPG quests as you work to avert an apocalypse. Take on jobs escorting merchants, killing monsters for gold, fetching unique items for unfortunate travelers and more.

While exploring the vast reaches of the map, you are bound to run across many enemies. Combat is a turn-based system centered on action points. You pick an attack method or choose between casting a spell and drinking a potion during each turn. The action points are doled out in such a way, though, that you are stuck defending every third turn or so, which means you have to think tactically. It can almost feel like a puzzle during battles as you try to maximize the damage you're dealing out and minimize the damage you take as you carefully manage your action points.

Intriguing Trading System

An important aspect of the game is the free market system that runs through the different towns. You'll constantly hear hints about merchants who are selling products at a low price and others who are buying high. You can make a fair bit of gold running pottery to beekeepers or purchasing fish from one merchant on the cheap and hiking to another town where you can sell items for big bucks.

With enjoyable RPG elements and the unique merchant system, Gods: Lands of Infinity Special Edition provides an entertaining experience that gamers of any level can enjoy. You can also collect a variety of items, weapons, armor and trade goods that can only be found in the Special Edition.

If you like epic RPG games, then download Gods: Lands of Infinity Special Edition and begin the adventure today!

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