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It's-a Time-a for-a Pizza!

We've all eaten our fair share of pizza, but how many of us have actually stuck
our hands in the dough and made it ourselves? Probably not many, but that's
about to change, because in Good Pizza, Great Pizza, you'll be making the
pizzas yourself, from scratch and completely by hand.

Making a Pie Never Felt So Intense

Hungry customers are lining up at the door, every single one of them has a
different idea on what constitutes the greatest pizza imaginable, and it's your
job to satisfy them all. Can you do it? Probably not, but the oven's on, so you
might as well give it a shot!

– Handcraft every component of every pizza you make! Spread the sauce, sprinkle
the cheese, distribute the toppings, and slice them in whatever way you like.
– Fulfill an endless combination of orders. Make plain pizzas, white pizzas,
pizzas with everything, pizzas with nothing, half-pizzas and more!
– Add sauce, cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, sausage, olives and more to your
– Work fast! The faster the customer gets the pizza, the bigger your tip will
– Upgrade your pizzeria. Add tables and chairs, spruce the place up with
decorations, and expand your menu.
– And more!

This is Amore!

Good Pizza, Great Pizza takes the tried-and-true business simulator, and flips
it on its head. Your success will not only be determined by how you manage your
finances, but also in how good you are in preparing your customers' food. If
that sounds like the thing you can sink your teeth into, then come on in to
Good Pizza, Great Pizza. We guarantee you'll have a good time and a great time!