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More of the Same (Sort of)

Grand Prix Story 2 is yet another entry in Kairosoft's extensive library of accessible and adorable sim games. This time it's a sequel to their game about managing a race team, and it itself also about managing a race team. Go figure.

Cars, Cars, Cars

So you want to be a big time racer?

  • The team is more important than the car. Try to fill your team with good people, as their talents will allow you to build even better cars right from the start. And, of course, better drivers can make up for a less than perfect ride.
  • Stats are more important than levels. Someone's level doesn't really amount to much, honestly. When hiring new staff, look at their stats and things like their Form and Growth potential instead. Those are the bits that matter.
  • Train everyone when you can. It takes money, but you can train any of your staff in things like Strength, Agility, Tech, and so on. The higher the numbers, the better everything from car construction to race performance will be.
  • Upgrade everything. You can use special items to improve the level of your cars, which in turn improves their performance. You can also upgrade your buildings to have them generate more resources, store more resources, etc. These are always good things.
  • Pay attention to track conditions. When selecting a race, you'll see an icon underneath the image of the track map that indicates whether you'll be primarily on normal roads, icy roads, go off-road, and so on. Similarly, different vehicle types have different specialties when it comes to track surfaces. Try to use a car that's better suited for the rod conditions when you can.

You CAN Drive 65

I've been enjoying Grand Prix Story 2 quite a bit, but I also took a bit of a break from Kairosoft games for a little while so I haven't felt any sort of burn out on the formula yet. Your milage may vary (har-har) but I think it's safe to say that if you're not sick of the developer's distinct style yet you should consider giving it a try.