Ground Control 2 - Real Time Strategy Download Free

Redeem Your Home Planet!

Your home planet, Morningstar Prime, is under siege by the Terrans! As captain of the Northern Star Alliance, you must destroy the Terrans and reclaim your planet before it's too late. But what will happen when an alien race, the Virons, gets involved with both sides of the war?

Battle through 24 missions or play multiplayer online with more than 10 maps and a map editor to create even more challenges.

RTS Fun Minus the Hassle of Building an Economy

In this real-time strategy game, you'll start out controlling the Northern Star Alliance. Complete missions to destroy the Terrans such as escorting an important person to safety while hordes of Terrans pursue you. Later, you can play as the Virons. A unique aspect of that race is that two units can be melded together to create a different unit.

Unlike other RTS games, you don't have to build a base or collect resources. Instead, you can order reinforcements to be dropped off at your Landing Zone, but you must guard your Landing Zone at all costs. The Drop Ship that brings reinforcements can also be used during battle for huge firepower, but once it's gone you'll have to wait awhile to get a new one.

If you direct troops to buildings or high ground, you gain defense bonuses. Utilize trees as stealthy hiding places and use choke points to defeat masses of Terrans. These add an element strategy and can bulk up your game tremendously.

Strategize and Enjoy Awesome Graphics

This is a unique RTS game because you can focus entirely on battle strategies and leading your troops instead of creating an economy.

This game is easy to learn how to play but it still offers a variety of troops and vehicles to use in battle. The realistic graphics are stunning, complete with reflective water and realistic weapons effects to give you an exciting experience.

Save your home planet now and win the war in Ground Control 2!