Gumboy: Crazy Adventures - Action Download Free

Gumboy is off on an Adventure, and it's Crazy!

Gumboy: Crazy Adventures offers bouncing-off-the-walls fun as you guide a bouncy ball through complex environments. Move Gumboy through each level to accomplish goals and collect special objects. Watch out because Gumboy can change his shape and change the course of the game!

Enjoy a Unique Adventure

Maneuver Gumboy at just the right speed and angle to obtain every last star in this unique sidescroller. With realistic physics it won't be easy to get every star and reward, but simple controls make gameplay easy. Use the Control key to speed Gumboy up and the left and right arrow keys to guide him in the desired direction. Use speed, momentum and the angles of the level to get to those tight spaces.

Help Gumboy collect items for mystical creatures like a tree spirit that's missing his bean pet. To do this, you must find a repellent power-up so Gumboy can push the item back to its owner. Sometimes, Gumboy will change into a star or a square which really changes his physics and movement, but what really messes things up is when he changes to the water or air version of Gumboy. That will take some getting used to!

Explore Beautiful Fantasy Worlds with Gumboy!

This game will have you addicted to its challenging physics puzzles as well as its beautiful, artistic environments. There's always a new strategy to learn and employ as each of the 40 levels features new obstacles for Gumboy. This game is memorable, challenging and fun to share with the whole family.

If you're looking for a unique strategy game, play Gumboy: Crazy Adventures now!