Gunner 2 - Action and Shooters Download Free

A Great Way to Blow Off Steam!

Your forces are being attacked and it is up to you to stop the incoming attackers from obliterating your bases.

Put yourself in the gunner's seat in this 3D world of virtual war and choose from three different times periods to gun down the enemy.

Battle WWII air fighters in the in the Pacific, Apache helicopters in the desert and UFOs in space in this intense and explosive first-person-shooter.

Travel through world history as you blast attackers with many different weapons

All the levels are historically accurate and as you progress through them you get new and more powerful weapons.

In the later levels you will receive the missile launcher that requires accurate shooting to be effective, but when you hit, look out!

Other guns are interesting too, starting with simple turret guns and moving into chain machine guns, mini-rocket launchers and plasma blasters against the UFOs. Simply change weapons by using right-click.

Challenge Yourself to Take on the Invaders

Blasting the enemies is an increasingly difficult task, as they are constantly changing between different fighters and gaining strength.

There are two difficulty settings, novice and pro, but either way you'll need precision targeting to take down the enemy. The point-and-click technique will need to be mastered as you spin around 360 degrees searching for approaching invaders.

Play Now and Enjoy Fun 3D Graphics

You won't get bored with Gunner 2's versatile environments and ever-changing enemies. You really won't get bored with the detailed 3D graphics that provide explosions with intense bursts of light and color.

So blast away and to the victor go the spoils!

Any Age Player Can Enjoy

Gunner 2 is simple to play while still providing a challenge, so no matter what age you are, you can play! If you are a 4-year-old looking for a sci-fi adventure or a 70-year-old looking for a way to take on the axis you must play this game.

Customize Your War Experience!

Adjust almost every aspect of the game, from the controls, to the music, to the sound effects, to the difficulty and graphics in the options menu.

The game features nine types of weapons, 19 enemy crafts, 35 levels, 3D graphics, studio-quality sound effects, and addictive gameplay.

So if you want an addictive first-person-shooter that takes you through time to blast enemies, with unique levels and weapons, and easy point-and-click use, then download Gunner 2 today!