Gunroar - Shooter Download Free

Are you ready to hear these guns ROAR?

If you're at all into shoot-'em up games, Gunroar will be a fantastic (and FREE!) addition to your playtime arsenal. In this vertically scrolling game you control a gunboat with only one objective: destroy or be destroyed!

Gunroar's pace is both fun and frenzied, which makes it one of the best 360-degree freeware shooters out today.

Go hit the waters and let your guboat ROAR!

  • Getting Started:
  • Unpack, and run 'gr.exe'
  • Press the Enter key until it says Mouse on the left side of the screen
  • Press the left mouse key to start. Control your boat with the W – (Forward) A – (Left) S – (Right) and D (Down) keys or use the arrow keys. Shoot with the left mouse and control your aim with the mouse.
  • Press Esc to quit the game