Happyland Adventures - Action Download Free

An exciting side-scrolling treasure hunt game!

Happyland Adventures is a fun platform game which will allow you to refine your puzzle solving skills. In this game there are many pitfalls which await you. You have to jump over pits of sharp knives and defeat the rebels who want to expel you from the land.

This game is a side scrolling action/puzzle game so you will go through multiple levels trying to solve riddles and avoid danger. Find fruit and other treasures to increase bonuses and maximize your scores!

Make your own levels!

One nice feature of this game is there is a level editor which will allow you to expand it to meet your needs. You will see why this game won multiple design awards like best use of SpriteLib.

There are evil villians trying to keep Happyland from being happy. With your skills in puzzle solving, you can rid the world of this treachery.

An adventure puzzle game which will keep you entertained with a riveting plot and challenging puzzles!

Get ready for this surprisingly challenging adventure and recruit all the help you can get in Happyland… you will need it!