HappyVille: Quest for Utopia - Task Management Download Free

Turn a Tiny Town Into a Lively City!

You've decided to run for mayor of Happyville but your job relies on keeping everyone happy while building Happyville into a busy city! Can you win every election by winning over the citizens?

Enjoy Complete Freedom to Build Your City

In this simulation game, you're free to build houses, farms, theaters, parks and more as long as you have enough money. As you build more, more people will want to live in your city so you'll have to constantly build to keep everyone happy.

There are no levels so this game is open-ended. Complete constant untimed objectives like building a hospital or a monument to earn new buildings and always try to attract more people to live in your city.

This game has great realistic touches like adjusting taxes, the number of city employees, how much funding goes to schools and police and more.

Great for Gamers of Any Age

This game gives you the freedom to build the city of your dreams! Enjoy cute graphics and the ability to see the citizens' thoughts so you can cater to their needs. With so much freedom, young gamers can play for fun and older gamers can enjoy strategically creating a perfectly-functioning city.

Become the mayor and make Happyville a truly happy place now in Happyville: Quest for Utopia!