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Heads Up, Game On!

Do you think it's funny to watch Miss DeGeneres make fools of her guests on her show? Now it's your turn to do the same to your friends! Show them all who's got the biggest brain around with the Heads Up app. See if you can describe the on-screen word without actually saying it. Do whatever it takes; impersonate, act it out and imply as specifically as you possibly can until they finally get the message. Cover a diverse set of topics, save your funniest results for posterity, and share them with the world. It's laugh-out-loud pocket-sized fun for the whole family, and it's completely free!

Get the Party Game Started

Playing Heads Up is easy. All you need to do is pick a topic, hold your mobile device of choice up over your head so you can't see what's on the screen, and let your friends do the rest. Listen to what the have to say, pay attention to what they do, and take a guess.

• Play with as many people as you like all at once.
• Choose from dozens of topics, including animals, celebrities, movies, accents and more!
• Communicate the on-screen word, name or concept. Imitate, impersonate, pantomime, hint or do what you hope will work. Be creative!
• Change questions, indicate right and wrong answers, and keep score with a few simple tilts.
• Think fast! Each round lasts for only one minute.

More Fun to be Had

Simply playing Heads Up is only half the fun. The other half comes in what you do once you're done playing for the moment.

• Record your friends' actions. Save their most hilarious moments for all time.
• Post videos up onto your Facebook account. Share the laughs with your online buddies and show them what depths you and your friends are willing to sink to.
• Expand your game. Acquire more decks of questions to increase the possibilities and the ensuing hilarity.

No Need to Let the Party Stop

Heads Up is the ultimate party game. With so many topics to be covered that can be answered in an infinite number of ways, it's just the gift that keeps on giving. Better yet, its portable nature means that you can play it with your friends everywhere. Play it at a party, play it while you're traveling, or play it while you're waiting for something to happen. Whatever the case may be, just play Heads Up!