Hell’s Kitchen - Task Management Download Free

The Hit TV Show for play on your PC!

Bring all the chaos and controversy of the hit reality television series right into your home with Hell's Kitchen, the video game!

In career mode, you'll go from a lowly dishwasher to a senior chef in five short weeks . . . if you can satisfy Gordon Ramsay and his famously short-tempered personality, that is!

An eerily realistic likeness of the abrasive chef watches your every move as you do it all in your very own restaurant. Prepare the ingredients, cook the food, serve the meals, and clear the dishes!

Hell's Kitchen combines the chaotic hustle and bustle of a real restaurant with the high-pressure experience of contestants on the television show.

Start small and work your way up!

You won't be overwhelmed at the beginning, because your tasks will be simple and Chef Ramsay will be fairly easy to please.

As you go, however, things get more challenging, and more fun! More customers and more food mean more confusion, so keep things under control or experience the full wrath of Gordon Ramsay's anger just like wayward Hell's Kitchen contestants! On the other hand, earn his praise with quality cooking and timely preparation.

Compete for Ramsay's favor with a friend, or work together

In addition to career mode, Hell's Kitchen comes with cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes so you and a friend can choose whether to play as a team, or as opponents just like the contestants on the television show!

For those who like to focus solely on food preparation and cooking, arcade mode eliminates the serving aspect of the game.

Get authentic recipes to cook with at home!

As you advance through the weeks, unlock more than 40 real recipes, many of which are available only to owners of the game. Impress your friends by serving them Grapefruit and Blood Orange Terrine with Marmalade Ice Cream, specially made from Gordon Ramsay's personal recipe! Starters, main courses, and desserts are all included.

If you've ever wondered what it's like to be in a reality cooking show, or just enjoy food, you should download Hell's Kitchen right now! It leaves you saying, in the words of Gordon Ramsay himself, "Now I've tasted something delicious!"

Hell's Kitchen Download Features

  • Play an entire career calendar! Work your way up to a prestigious Five Star establishment.
  • Set in Hell's Kitchen – play both the Kitchen and Dining room.
  • 3D model of Gordon Ramsay rates and comment on your game play.
  • 35 recipes from the US TV show unlock as you progress.
  • Try recipes at home- print them and/or share with friends via email!