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Let the Country Roads Do You Some Good

This is for all you city slickers out there. You may believe in your paved roads, your traffic safety rules, and your laws of gravity and motion, but country folk like to keep things simple. If your car can move, then it's still good; there's no need to worry if it'll pass inspection or if its doors are still attached. Likewise, if you can drive it across a bumpy dirt road without flipping, scale a nearly-vertical cliff without sliding, or leap over a chasm and land on your wheels without popping an airbag, then it's a keeper. Most of all, if you're confident you could take your rust bucket and beat all your friends in an impromptu street race, then you'll know for a fact just how much better driving can be out here in the countryside.

No Wimps Allowed

The roads of Hill Climb Racing have always been dangerous. They're bumpy, they go straight up mountains, wind along cliff-sides, and are riddled with gargantuan gopher holes. That's just the way Newton Bill and his ilk like it! As you struggle to stay upright on those same bumps, burn your tires trying to scale those mountainsides, and go flying into the air, you'll learn to like it too.

  • Drive across the most dangerous roads in the Farmlands, the Forests, the Mountains and more.
  • Collect an array of crazy off-road vehicles, including a jeep, a scooter, a dirt bike and a monster truck.
  • Pull off wheelies, stoppies, aerial flips and other tricks to earn bonus coins.
  • Drive as far as you can go on the bumpy roads of Adventure mode.
  • Race against up to four player-made racers in Cup challenges. Win prizes and increase your standing on leaderboards all across the globe.
  • Tune Your Ride

    It takes guts, grit and a lot of trips to the emergency room to make a name for yourself on the roads of Hill Climb Racing 2. However, it also takes some well-greased wheels and an engine that purrs. Take care of your ride, give her some much-needed improvements, and she'll take care of you.

  • Upgrade your vehicles. Improve the grip in your tires, your all-wheel drive, the quality of your engine and more to make climbing over those steep hills a breeze.
  • Tune up your vehicle. Set its speed, balance, weight and more so that it moves exactly how you want it to.
  • Personalize your driver and your car. Choose from an assortment of tires, paint jobs, heads and clothes to make a one-of-kind avatar that's ready to hit the road.
  • There's Gold in These Hills

    If you like driving, if you like thrill-seeking, if you like competition, and you cannot absolutely stand gravity, then it's time to abandon everything you know about the racing genre and give old Hill Climb Racing 2 a spin. It's got everything: racing, tricks, hazards, vehicles, more hills to climb than you can shake a stick at, and plenty of chances to kick gravity right in the keister! With Hill Climb Racing 2, you can experience all the fun that driving has to offer without any of the hassle from Mister Sir Isaac Newton.