Jets N Guns - Shooter Download Free

Awesome Shooter!

Jets N Guns is the finest space shooter I have ever played. And no, I don't say that lightly. In fact, I am fully prepared to defend my statement.

1st reason Jets N Guns is so good – The upgradeable weapon and ship systems are the finest ever created. You earn money during missions and can buy new guns and equipment for your ship.

Every weapon can be further upgraded for more power or speed but often at a heat cost. Buy better cooling systems for your ship to compensate. You can upgrade your ships hull for more durability, upgrade bombs and missiles, sell older technology, swap out weapons for different levels and more. This is the most customization I have ever seen and it plays perfectly into the game and is not some meaningless feature.

2nd reason Jets N Guns is better than its peers – The action is far beyond simple waves of ships coming at you. There are tons of air targets of various kinds and new ones with each level. There are ground weapons system, there are men in jet packs, men on the ground with guns, stationary missile launchers and more.

There are also a ton of buildings and structures to demolish – by shooting them yourself or destroying flying objects that crash, burn, and blow up anything they land on. Truly total carnage that is so enjoyable you will cry when your trial version runs out.

3rd reason that if you don't try Jets N Guns you should crawl back into the closet you've been living in – The graphics and sound are top notch. Many games of this type make such wild claims – this game delivers. The heavy metal soundtrack is a perfect compliment to the rocking action and the visuals on some levels will distract you and make you forget you should be flying and shooting, not looking at the pretty backgrounds.

I haven't even mentioned the special devices you can buy for your ship like the hacking device that opens up cargo containers or the Pirate Bounty that identifies the ships the most wanted pirates fly.

There is so much innovation here that other shooters look like Pong in comparison. If you don't believe me that Jets N Guns is this good, go ahead, play it. I dare you!