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The Next Evolution of a Fan Favorite

Jewel Quest has been a beloved puzzle favorite for the past 11 years. Now this popular PC game is available for iOS and Android, putting all the puzzle action and adventure in the palm of your hand. Jewel Quest lends itself to touch controls beautifully, with gems gliding across the board with a simple swipe. Jewel Quest has never played better!

Simple, Fun Gameplay!

The game starts out with a helpful tutorial that guides you through the basic game mechanics of Jewel Quest.  Gameplay is simple.  Players are presented with a grid containing gems of various shapes, sizes and colors.  Your objective is to make matches of three or more by moving swapping gems on the board.  You can swap two adjacent gems with a simple swipe of your finger, and you get points any time you match up three or more gems on the board.

For example, if you have two diamonds side by side on the grid and a third diamond is located nearby, you can swap these adjacent gems to create a match on the board.  As soon as a match of three or more is made, those gems will disappear from the board.  The surrounding gems will then fall to fill the newly emptied space.  In addition, the tiles located behind the gems that are matched will turn gold when a successful match has been made.  Turning the entire board golden is necessary for completing puzzles.

A Worthy Challenge

The puzzle boards start out with pretty simple shapes, but as the game goes on, the boards become more unique, making the use of power ups and relics pretty much essential for getting through the game.  This gives players a reason to collect relics and other special items. In addition to turning the board gold, many puzzle stages require players to meet special objectives to complete the board. The objectives vary on a puzzle by puzzle basis, keeping gameplay fresh for the long haul.

Rich, Exotic Graphics and Gorgeous Sound

Long time fans of the Jewel Quest franchise have come to expect lush graphics and vibrant sound. Jewel Quest for mobile delivers this in spades, with a colorful Mayan theme that’s pervasive throughout the entire game. The modern graphics and sound give the whole game a sense of exotic atmosphere that is very fun and refreshing.  Each otherworldly locale has its own set of brilliant visuals too, giving the game a sense of place as you work through all 14 beautiful regions.

200+ Levels

Jewel Quest offers over 200 challenging levels that will reward crafty, smart gameplay. Unlike other match 3 games, Jewel Quest requires thought and strategy, with each puzzle demanding skill and cleverness in order to be successfully solved. It’s a puzzle lover’s playground!

Pocketable Puzzle Action

Fans of the Jewel Quest franchise, rejoice! Your favorite game series is now mobile, meaning you can sneak in a quick game no matter where you are.