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What a Twist

Match-3 puzzle games are (and have been) everywhere. So, how do you spice up something that's been done a whole lot in all sorts of ways? You play for cash prizes, of course.

Jewel Quest for Cash is a familiar style of match-3 puzzle game where you need to line up like-colored jewels in order to clear them and change background tiles from bland to shiny gold. Once the entire board is gold, or the time limit runs out, you're done and it's on to the final score comparison. If you earn more points than your opponent, you win the pot!

Depending on the game type, you'll be competing for the tokens needed to play 'practice' games, or for actual money. No pressure. Thankfully every single game you play, win or lose, will earn you tickets that can be redeemed (eventually) for more cash. Or you can spend some of your own money if you'd rather not wait.

Play Fast, Play Smart

Your score is all that matters, and the best way to maximize it is to clear the board as quickly as humanly possible.

  • You can move jewels into blank spaces. If you end up stuck with some empty spots on an oddly shaped board, you can still move things around into those open spaces. Just be careful, because coins (which are important for using your special ability) will fall off the grid if you move them into one such opening.
  • Remember your Midas Touch. When you collect enough coins in a given board, you'll be able to activate your special ability. This allows you to immediately change one tile to gold, which is super handy if you have an odd corner piece that's giving you trouble.
  • Work from the bottom up, if you can. Since jewels will cascade down from the top of the screen, clearing out lower sections will give you more opportunities to accidentally create combos. Combos are great for giving your score a little boost, but they're even better for creating more gold tiles.
  • Play it Safe

    No matter how good you might be at match-3 puzzles, you'll want to cut your teeth on the practice mode first. This game type is played with tokens instead of real money, so there's far less on the line as you familiarize yourself with the particulars.

  • You don't have to spend money, if you're extremely patient. Every game you play will earn you tickets regardless of whether you win or lose. If you save up enough (as in 30K+) you can turn them in for free money to put towards the entry fees for cash games.
  • There are no guarantees. Even if you have an exceptional win/lose ratio in the practice mode, you can still end up with the lower score.
  • More of Sort of the Same

    Jewel Quest for Cash is an interesting spin on a somewhat uninteresting – or at least oversaturated – genre. The jewel matching itself probably won't blow your mind, but the added intensity of playing against other people, on a timer, and possibly for real money, definitely spices things up a bit.