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 A Berry Good Puzzle Game!

Think you’ve got what it takes to keep up with the drink orders of super thirsty customers? In Juice Jam, you can put your match 3 skills to the test with an endless array of juicy fruits. Match them up to make the tastiest fruit drinks possible! You’ve got to keep your customers happy and the boss man too. A juicy good time awaits!

Juice That Fruit!

In Juice Jam, players are presented with a grid containing a wide variety of colorful, ripe fruits. Customers come up to the window, and the game shows you their order via a bubble that appears above the customer’s head. Match the correct number of fruits on the board to fill that order and make a delicious fruit juice drink. Happy customers will suck down their fruit juice in record time and leave refreshed and happy. Congratulations, you are berry good at this!

Everything is peachy until the boss man comes to micromanage your fruit juicing puzzle fun. This fat cat scares off customers with his looming (and did we mention furry?) presence, so you’ve got to act quickly to distract him. Splat the cat with a few accidental shots of sticky fruit juice to give him the subtle hint to clear out of your workspace! Your boss will lick his wounds and come back later, but you’ll be ready for him.

Challenging Puzzle Gameplay!

Juice Jam sweetens the simple puzzle gameplay by adding loads of challenge to reward thoughtful moves. You can’t just throw fruit around to succeed in becoming a Juicing Master! The game gives you a limited number of moves and specific matches that must be made on the game grid in order for the customers to be served and the level cleared. This adds a satisfying challenge to the otherwise simple gameplay.

Adorable Characters!

All of the characters in Juice Jam are bright, colorful and vibrant, adding zany personality to the game. You will love seeing the adorable parade of bright and shiny characters as you juice your way through this sweet puzzle game. Meet Kiwi, Mango and other memorable characters!

Jam on the Path to Adventure

The juice truck is a mobile drink station that brings fruity goodness all over town. Wind your way through the streets and work through each stop along the way. Challenge yourself to earning a 3 star score on each level for added juicing fun!

Secrets and Power Ups to Discover

Juice Jam looks simple, but don’t be fooled. This game has some secrets that you’ll have to play to find! Power ups, hidden treats… A world of culinary discovery awaits!

Great Graphics, Visuals and Sound!

The graphics in Juice Jam are colorful, refreshing and fun. They are paired with rich sound, snappy special effects and certifiably corny puns to create a unique gameplay experience you won’t want to put down.

Happy Dance!

Juice Jam is, hands down, one of the sweetest things to hit mobile. Download now and become the Zeus of Juice!