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Shoot the Horde

If you're looking to shoot some zombies, Kill Shot Virus has you covered. This fairly by-the-numbers living dead shooting gallery has a few simple tricks up its sleeves, though.

Tune Up

Modes and weapons are in abundant supply. Best to get familiar with what you have at your disposal.

  • Each type of gun has a purpose. For example, sniper rifles are needed for Sniper missions. You'll want to have at least one of each type of firearm if you want to have access to all the different modes.
  • Upgrade everything. Each weapon can be upgraded to improve damage, accuracy, range, scope zoom, recoil, and magazine size. Try to upgrade as often as you can, as you won't be able to take part in some missions until your equipped weapon is upgraded properly.
  • You can upgrade a bunch of things at once. You're not limited to upgrading one gun or one category at a time. So long as you have the money you can start multiple upgrades going at once. Of course you can't do something like upgrade the accuracy on your assault rifle while that same assault rifle's accuracy is already being upgraded, but other than that you can go nuts.
  • Check the mission requirements. If you don't meet a given mission's requirements you'll see some red icons underneath the 'Required' section on the bottom of the loading screen. Tap on an icon to see what the requirement is, then maybe upgrade your weapon to meet that requirement if you can.
  • Replay missions for more stars and more money. Tap the Mission List button on the mission screen to see your previously completed missions, then select whichever one you'd like to tackle.
  • More stars is a good thing. You can earn up to three stars on most missions, and what you have to do to earn those stars is shown in the Rewards section of the mission info page. Earning stars unlocks Milestones, which will earn you things like more cash or even premium currency.

Move Out

If you want to succeed, you'll need to remember to do more than just 'aim for the head.'

  • Aim for the head. I mean yeah, duh, but it's still worth remembering.
  • Sniper rifles don't require head shots. They do enough damage that a single shot to the chest should down a regular zombie immediately, and the chest is a much bigger target than the head.
  • Shotgun closer zombies first. There's a bit of a delay between shotgun shots thanks to the pump action, and if a zombie is close enough it'll be able to get in a free hit or two before you're able to shoot again. Something to keep in mind.
  • Keep an eye out for red barrels and portly zombies. Both will explode when you shoot them, potentially wiping out several zombies at the same time. Don't let the exploding zombies get too close, though.

This is Fine

Kill Shot Virus is a zombie shooting gallery that doesn't break the mold, but it does a good job with the fundamentals. Although the rather constant need to upgrade specific weapons a specific way, and taking the time to do it in the first place, in order to progress is a bummer.