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Join in Another Epic Adventure!

Get together with the young swordsman, Random Pendragon, and his elven girlfriend, Sarah Brandolino, as they come out of retirement.

Having fought valiantly and defeating the terrible Demons, the couple secluded themselves and lived peacefully for seven months. Yet Sarah grew tired of living away from civilization and they decided to return to Tyrine.

Much has changed in the world over their short respite and the adventuresome couple soon find themselves in another heroic quest. Help them and a whole cast of other characters as they travel across the land and try to stop the mysterious organization which plans to help the Demons ravage the land once again.

Classic RPG Action

Laxius Force adds on to the series with more classic RPG gameplay. Enjoy traditional turn-based battles as you choose between attacking, defending, using a special skill, or selecting an item.

One way in which Laxius Force differs from some RPGs is that enemies can be seen on the field before engaging them.There are a few areas where encounters are random but most of the time you can pick and choose your battles.

Another unique element to the gameplay is the fact that you can save at any time. This makes battles much easier given that you cannot flee from a fight.

When you encounter an enemy, you have to fight until one side or the other is dead. Don't worry though since, even if you die, you are protected by the goddess Yveen who will resurrect your party at the nearest town or dungeon entrance for only 10% of your party's gold and you get to keep all the experience and items gained up to your death.

Captivating Story and Strategic Gameplay

Laxius Force presents gameplay which is heavily expository and character driven along with mature dialogue. Uncover all the twists and turns which somehow connect all the characters' tales together to form an intriguing and engrossing story.

With its retro graphics. it fits in well with any of the 16-bit classic RPGs of yore like Final Fantasy or Dragon Warrior.

With 17 playable characters and the fact that experience is only gained by members in your active party, get ready to learn about every single character as you swap between them for the best advantage in a given task.

The sheer number of quests and side missions you have available means hours of gratifying gameplay as well.

If you like RPGs and epic tales, then download Laxius Force today!

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