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LifeAfter is a mobile MMO about surviving a zombie apocalypse

Of all the different kinds of apocalypse on offer, zombie has to be the most appealing. Why? Unlike all the others – such as supervolcano, meteor strike, and nuclear war – it comes with its own never-ending supply of braindead monsters to do target practice on.

That's why there's such a rich tradition of zombie films, books, and games, and LifeAfter, from NetEase, is the latest addition to the canon. It looks great, too.

The story goes that a virus has transformed most of mankind into an army of zombies, laying waste to the institutions that underpin all of human society and culture. As a species, we're back to square one – though fortunately we still have bazookas and miniguns.

The game is sort of, roughly, split into two parts. Firstly, you'll do a lot of exploring, trekking through snowy forests, a ruined city, and an abandoned mine, among other creepy environments.

As you do this you'll experience the full gamut of environmental effects. You know, like in the real world. There's snow, rain, day, night, and dust storms, which you may well not have experienced in real life but are likely to be common after the apocalypse.

The level of detail is pretty impressive – for instance, it gets colder at night. Plus, that's when zombies like to come out and play, so you really have to be aware of what's going on.

The realism doesn't end there. Sure, you need to kill zombies, but you also need to keep warm, strong, and well fed by hunting animals, foraging plants, mining, and cutting down trees. Man cannot live on sweet headshots alone.

The other part of the game involves building up your bases. At the core of LifeAfter is its camp system, which sees you and other players you're happy to cooperate with building a camp and running it. One of you even gets to be the mayor.

Your camp will come under attack from waves of zombies, of course, forcing you to cooperate to keep the brain-chomping viral menace at bay. But you'll also be attacked by other humans, from other camps, and you can attack them too, to steal their loot and show them who's boss.

LifeAfter looks like a rich survival strategy-MMO packed with imagination and detail. You can download it for yourself from now on Google Play and the App Store.