Life Quest - Task Management Download Free

Getting a Life

Ah, high school. The hole that every teenager wants more than anything to crawl out of as soon as possible, so that they can finally embark out into the real world and make a name for themselves.

Thus begins Life Quest, a colorful time management game where you take control of a high school graduate taking his or her first real steps into independence.

Life Quest gives you all the methods and tools you will need to lead an accomplished life:

Limitless customization! Choose from a variety of heads, body parts, eyes, hairs, skin, and clothes to create your own unique avatar.
Decorate your house with assorted furnishings, paintings, carpets, and more!
Purchase hundreds of items to improve your standing and happiness. Buy vehicles to get around town quicker and in more style, improve your look by expanding your wardrobe, acquire pets, eat tasty meals, and get new tools as your latest job or class demands!
Hundreds of jobs available. Start as small as a car washer or paperboy, and work your way up to a bustling entrepreneur or media mogul.
Enroll in a wide variety of classes. Attain new skills and improve your Intelligence, Charm, and Practicality to open up better employment opportunities in the future.
Search for love. Look for that special someone, and spend time on dates with him or her. Get married, have children, and raise a family!

Beat the Competition

Remember, though, you’re not the only hopeful trying to lead a successful career. Along the way, you’ll be hearing about all of your various rivals from high school, and how they’re making out in their own respective life quests.

It becomes up to you to show them up and become even more successful.

Each rival you hear from acts as your latest challenge to conquer. Both you and they race to reach a set number of goals before the other, ranging from purchasing certain types of items, to earning a higher income.

Succeed, and you will be sure to get a better standing at the next high school reunion. Fail, and, well…they will instead. And who wants that, huh?

Manage Your Resources

There are only so many hours in a day to do things, only so many dollars you have in your wallet, and only so much stress that your mind can withstand. You have obligations to meet, bills to pay, and a stomach to periodically fill up, but you also have desires to fulfill.

It’s a juggling act to make sure you can get everything, and the path to doing so is seldom clear. But no success story can ever be made without a little sacrifice on the side.

Life is a challenge. And with Life Quest, it’s also a game!