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Star-Crossed No More

Is there anything sadder than two faraway lovers? If there is, I don't want to hear about it. With that in mind, Love Balls could very well be the single most depressing app to ever appear on a phone, but don't break the hankies out just yet. With a little brain power and a few well-drawn lines, you just might be able to bring those little star-crossed lovebirds together after all!

The Only Force Stronger Than Gravity

So much stands in the way of these lonely little orbs, but don't lose heart! The red string of destiny can never be denied. You just need to give it a little push or two to get it going.

  • Draw lines and shapes to control the fall of every onscreen object.
  • Create inclines, walls, ramps, hooks, swings and platforms to bring the lovers together.
  • Complete hundreds of unique puzzles.
  • Beware of falling blocks, bottomless pits and no-draw zones, or learn to use them to your advantage!
  • Draw as efficiently as you can to get the highest score.
  • And more!

Follow Your Heart

If you like playing puzzle games, then you're in for a real treat here because this one will give your brain the workout it so desperately craves. It will challenge your problem-solving abilities like nothing before and in ways you never thought possible. If you're up for the task, then give this app a go right now. It will be like meeting the loves of your life all over again.