Mad Skills BMX 2 - Mobile Games Download Free

Just When You Thought Your Skills Couldn't Get Madder

Nothing screams madness more than rolling down the steepest inclines or leaping
across the deepest pits on a pedal-powered bike. There's absolutely nothing
between you and the elements, which means you're going to feel absolutely
everything that happens to you. The results of failure won't be pretty, but the
rewards for success serve as undeniable proof that you have skills, and not
just regular skills. You have mad skills!

Prove Your Worth

Winning an ordinary race is as simple as crossing the finish line before
everyone else. Too bad for you this isn't an ordinary race. This is a BMX race,
and an insane one at that!

  • Race through dozens of hilly and hazardous tracks.
  • Acquire and upgrade a plethora of awesome BMX bikes.
  • Collect new paint jobs and uniforms to customize the look of both your bicycle and your biker.
  • Pump hard as you roll downhill, and leave your opponent in the dust.
  • Leap over pits and hazards with carefully timed jumps.
  • And more!

Worth a Victory Lap

Mad Skills BMX 2 returns you to the ring of dirt where you can show everyone
who the biggest, meanest biker out there is. With fast-paced action that
rewards skillful play, you can't go wrong getting behind the handlebars of this
ride. Get ready, get set, go!