Master of Defense - Wars And Strategy Download Free

Tower Defense Players Will Love This Game!

In Master of Defense, you are tasked with building towers to defend your citizens. Waves of monsters will travel along a route to attack your people. Your job is to buy and place defensive towers along the route to destroy the attackers.

Carefully place ground attack towers, magical towers to destroy air units, or plant towers that can attack either with lesser power. Once the towers are placed, you can spend money to upgrade them which will extend their range, damage, and firing speed. The more citizens you save after every monster raid, the more gold you get to spend on towers and upgrades.

Spend Experience Points for Better Upgrades

As you advance through the levels you will gain experience points to be spent on defensive upgrades. Improve firing speed, range, and damage of your towers. Get more gold from citizens or improve citizen defense against monsters if some get past your towers.

You can even buy special magic upgrades for new towers and defenses. Ice magic will let you build ice towers that can freeze enemies making them easier to hit. Fire magic lets you build fires that monsters have to walk through and take damage. Poison magic gives poison damage to your plant towers making them more deadly.

The great thing about all experience upgrades is they persist to the next level. Once you buy them, you don't lose them unless you choose to cash them in.

Master of Defense is an absorbing game that lets you focus on 1 crucial component of real time military strategy. It is simple but fun and the upgrades are a blast to get.

Play Survival Mode for a Greater Challenge

Think you are hot stuff in your defensive strategy? Just try out Survival mode and see if you can make it past raid 150. If you do, you can truly call yourself a Master of Defense.

So what are you waiting for? Go fry some monsters!