Medieval Conquest - Real Time Strategy Download Free

Build a kingdom and forge your destiny!

You have been hired by the King to seek and destroy monsters that have been ravaging the town. As you kill each monster, you will be paid and with the earnings you will need to keep your men loyal and healthy. You will gradually build taverns so they can relax and carnivals for them to play in as well as inns for recovery. 

If you decide you need more money and forget to pay your men, they will wander off and find better work.

Like other RPG games, the men will increase in both skill and strength as they progress through more missions. Much of this due to the fact you will buy them better weapons and train the men, but the practice certainly helps them too.

You will have the chance to kill monsters and cast spells in this medieval adventure. The monsters will provide the central theme to this game as they are the ones causing all of the havoc.

The monsters do taunt you and you will find certain elements of this game light-hearted and humorous. But if you can't hunt the monsters down and kill them, game over and thanks for playing!

Medieval Conquest blends elements of role playing and real time strategy games.  If you are interested in those, give this one a shot.

What Other Reviewers are Saying:

  • "Medieval Conquest is a charming, lighthearted blend of real-time strategy and fantasy-themed, tycoon-style building." – GameSpot, 7.9/10 – Full Review