Morning’s Wrath - RPG Download Free

Seek Vengeance on a Brutal Army!

The lands of her kingdom have been at peace for centuries, but that's about to change for Princess Morning when the Ashidians brutally murder King Daerid and Queen Anoa. When the prince courting her suddenly betrays her, Princess Morning realizes that the future of the kingdom lies in her hands.

The army of Ashidia stands at the gates of Morning's castle ready to destroy the kingdom and take back land they say is theirs. Help Princess Morning seek vengeance on her parents' ruthless killers and decide the fate of the kingdom and the world.

Classic Gameplay with a Fascinating Story

With gameplay similar to Diablo 2, Morning's Wrath is a classic-style RPG with adventure-game puzzles. Click where you want the Princess to go on the map and click enemies to slay them with Morning's powerful sword.

Weapons aren't your only friend, though. Use runes and mana to cast spells and constantly be on the lookout for power-up bracelets, medallions, rings and crowns and useful artifacts to combat the mysterious "taint."

An RPG for Everyone!

Morning's Wrath is great for fantasy or RPG fans of all ages because the controls are easy and anyone can learn how to play in no time. You'll quickly be drawn into the compelling story and the deep character of Morning. Enjoy many hours of battling, searching and classic RPG fun!

If you enjoy RPG games with interesting stories, play Morning's Wrath now!

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