My Kingdom for the Princess II - Task Management Download Free

Your New Bride Has Been Captured – Rescue Her!

My Kingdom for the Princess II is the eagerly anticipated sequel to the original similarly named game. In this new adventure, newlyweds Sir Arthur and Princess Helen are about to embark on their honeymoon when Helen is kidnapped by Longbeard the Dwarf! Instead of relaxing with his new bride, Arthur has to search for her instead as well as repairing the kingdom that Longbeard damaged and defending it against invaders!

Nice Mix of Strategy and Time Management Gaming

This Strategy and Time-Management game features a whimsical storyline complete with magical creatures like flying cats, dwarves, wizards and witches. There are sixty levels to beat along with numerous tasks to complete and plenty of strategies to plan. In addition to standard tasks like clearing roads, building things and collecting resources, there are also trophies just waiting to be collected and mini-games to add to the fun! Will Arthur be able to save the day? There's only one way to find out – try My Kingdom for the Princess II today!