My Tribe - Simulation Download Free

Help this Shipwrecked Crew

There is a legend of a small but beautiful city where the people were happy and safe. But they were adventurers at heart and loved to explore the limitless ocean.

One crew set out and found a vast plethora of unexplored islands, but their joy was short lived because on the twelfth day of their journey a mighty storm arose and smashed their small vessel. They now find themselves stranded on an unfamiliar island. Help this determined crew set out and build a new home for themselves.

Interesting Strategy/Management Simulation

In My Tribe, it is your job to build up a prosperous village and unlock the various mysteries that each island holds. In order to do this, you have to assign your villagers to certain tasks such as collecting food, firewood, and rocks so that you can build new buildings or conduct research to obtain important items in fields like agriculture, arts, and construction.

Your villagers gain experience and can specialize in certain tasks as they grow and age. You can also advance your village by collecting fallen stardust and moon dust or various random boxes which wash ashore. Be forewarned though, not all the boxes are beneficial to the tribe!

Hours of Addictive Gameplay

My Tribe presents an interesting and enjoyable tribe simulation which anyone can easily pick up and savor. Additionally, a compelling aspect of the game is that events continue on the island even when you're not playing.

With thousands of island layouts to choose from, each with three different mysteries, there is a ton of variety and challenges which you can face, as well as a huge replay factor.

So, if you like engaging gameplay and tribe simulation games, download My Tribe today!