Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove - Adventure Download Free

One Snowy Night Leads to a Spine-Chilling Mystery!

A dangerous blizzard forces you off the road and onto a side street near Dire Grove, a closed vacation retreat. Ahead, you see lights flashing. It's an abandoned car!

Inside, you find the first of a series of chilling videotapes made by four students who were investigating Dire Grove to see if the creepy legends were true. But where are they now? And what haunts Dire Grove?

You can play this sixth installment in the Mystery Case Files series as a standalone game and enjoy similar gameplay as the previous games but with even more terrifying twists!

Search Spooky Areas for Clues

In this adventure game, wander freely through the snowy, creepy scenes and search for clues. In some scenes you'll be asked to find a list of hidden objects to earn a helpful object for your inventory. Also search for the students' videotapes to piece together their story and learn more about Dire Grove.

Solve clever puzzles like rotating a series of pointers around a circle so that each lights up two dots but none overlap. You get unlimited rechargeable hints but you'll still do plenty of thinking and searching!

Enjoy a Creepy, Thrilling Atmosphere!

The eerie effects make this game really stand out because the falling snow, ghostly whispers and tense music make this game feel very real! The intense, exciting story will keep you on the edge of your seat and you won't want to quit playing this addicting game!

Can you uncover the mysteries of Dire Grove? Challenge yourself now with Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove!