Mystery Cookbook - Hidden Objects Download Free

Help Mousy Become A Skilled Chef!

Mousy dreamed of one day mastering the fine art of professional cooking, even if he was just a rodent. Help him achieve this lofty goal and meet a variety of interesting animal characters, including a grumpy bulldog, an entertaining parrot, a depressed goose and much more.

Search through 55 levels to find a variety of different objects, such as grapes, jars, apples and wine glasses. Collect the pages and chapters of the secret cookbook and complete Mousy's culinary training!

Familiar Hidden Object Gameplay

Fans of hidden object games will easily catch onto the gameplay mechanics in Mystery Cookbook. Players are presented with busy scenes, such as untidy kitchens or littered restaurants, and given the task of finding a number of items. Sometimes the list of items is presented in words while other levels show you silhouettes of the items to find.

You have to find all of the items, including special story-tied items, before the time runs out or you'll have to replay the level. Click on the wrong spot too many times and you'll get a 20-second penalty. If you get stuck, there's a cheese platter hint button that locates one item from your list, and in order to replenish this plate you can find bits of cheese hidden throughout the levels.

Enjoy Intriguing Mini Games

Mystery Cookbook dishes out some fun hidden object gameplay that can be challenging at times yet easy enough that players new to the genre can pick it up and have a good time. You'll put your searching skills to the test as you make your way through this humorous tale of greedy students and provocative critters.

Besides the regular gameplay, there are six types of mini games that show up every couple of levels. Enjoy a fun diversion with tile puzzle challenges that require you to rotate blocks to form a scene, spot the differences between two similar images, or find a specific number of similar items in a scene, such as cheese or cups and plates.

If you like hidden object games filled with zany characters, then download Mystery Cookbook and begin the search today!