Nick Chase: A Detective Story - Adventure Download Free

A Stolen Manuscript and Dark Mysteries!

Private investigator Nick Chase has nothing to do but talk to his hungry fish. That is, until a mysterious phone call informs Nick of a case! A manuscript by Leonardo da Vinci has been stolen and Nick will do whatever it takes to find it!

Enter Nick's world of strange, lifelike characters, dark mysteries and challenging puzzle solving. The intriguing story told through black-and-white comics like an old detective story will make you feel like you're really there amid all the danger and all the thrills!

A Fun Blend of Adventure Puzzles and Hidden Objects

Venture through many locations including a dark forensics lab, a creepy copyshop and a dangerous nightclub. Search for hidden objects in unique scenes to help Nick find clues and analyze evidence. Mind-bending puzzles will crop up suddenly, such as a door shutting Nick out that requires solving a puzzle to open it.

It's up to you to solve puzzles such as investigating the crime scene with a magnifying glass to find seven different types of evidence. Then you have to build an analyzer to discover the secret of a blood sample by finding all the pieces of necessary equipment in a forensics lab and solving some puzzles such as repeating a series of flipping switches.

Be a Part of a Classic Detective Story

The classic detective story graphics, music and voice acting are absolutely exhilarating and will transport you to an exciting world. Each puzzle will challenge you because it's completely up to you to figure out how to solve them. But you'll feel so rewarded in the end when you discover every secret, solve the mystery and beat the bad guys!

If you love to experience true adventure and solve dark mysteries, leap into this riveting adventure and help Nick recover the stolen manuscript!