Nicktoons Winners Cup Racing - Just for fun Download Free


Introducing Nicktoons Winner's Cup Racing, a crazily chaotic game that isn't your average racer!

Play as one of eight readily recognizable characters from Nickelodeon's Nicktoons, including Jimmy Neutron, Danny Phantom, and of course Spongebob Squarepants himself!

Blast off from the starting line and be the first to reach all the checkpoints. Choose the best routes, show off those driving skills, and you'll find yourself within sight of the grand prize: the winner's circle in the Winner's Cup!

Great for all ages – from children to adults!

Kids will love the easy, intuitive controls which move the focus of Nicktoons Winner's Cup Racing from technically intricate racing to hysterically kooky fun!

They can play as their favorite character on large environments like Bikini Bottom and Dimmsdale, which are perfectly captured and recreated straight out of Nicktoons television shows in all their delightful cartoon splendor. Three difficulty levels make the game a real challenge not only for children but for teens and adults as well!

Entertaining gameplay keeps things interesting

Dodge ghosts, jellyfish, stars and UFOs on your merry way to the finish line, but don't forget about the other drivers!

Each character comes with their own spiffy hot rod, and your opponents have been known to use their special attack abilities to foil your bid for victory. As Spongebob, counter with your own special bubble trap attack, or grab a nitro boost to get right back into the thick of things!

Nicktoons Winner's Cup Racing includes tons of features and extras

Beyond the main Winner's Cup mode, put the pedal to the metal in Quick Race, and Free Driving. As they advance, players unlock cool mini-games like Treasure Hunt, Tag, and Safety Zone on each map.

The wide variety of modes will keep everyone playing for hours, and in Quick Race mode each checkpoint is randomly placed, so it's a completely new race every time!

Nicktoons Winner's Cup Racing is a roaring good time for everyone in the family, so download it today for a unique gaming experience you won't soon forget!