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Set Sail

It's time to throw down
with the navy using your hand-picked crew of noble pirates – or something like
that. I'm not super familiar with One Piece, honestly. But One Piece Thousand
Storm is just that: beating up navy baddies and expanding your crew of lovable

Press Ganged

A pirate captain is
nothing without his crew.

  • Use medals to acquire new characters and
    upgrade current ones. You earn character medals by completing missions. Once
    you have enough you can spend a bit of coin to use them to recruit someone new
    – or if they aren't new you can enhance their stats instead.

  • Always equip cards. Each crew member can
    equip 4 cards to start, and that number increases as you enhance them with
    medals. Cards that match the crew member will often give them new combat
    skills, but even mismatched cards will increase their stats so long as they're

  • Upgrade your cards. You can use duplicates,
    unwanted cards, and other special items to increase a card's level – thus
    boosting the stat gains and potentially increasing the potency of its
    associated attack skill.

  • Position matters. Most combat abilities have
    a specific area of effect. Know what these are, and try to move your crew to a
    good spot in order to maximize effectiveness against groups of enemies.

  • You can switch between your two active crew
    at any time. Use this to your advantage and call upon crew with the best skills
    for a given situation when you can. Be aware that there's a cooldown for crew
    that have been swapped out, though.

  • Mind your energy. Special abilities have a
    cost, and if a character runs out of juice they won't be able to use any of

Middle of Nowhere

One Piece Thousand Storm
is an okay game that puts a popular license to decent use. It's not likely to
win anyone new over, but it should please the fans.