Pacific Gunner - Action and Shooters Download Free

WWII Pacific Campaign Naval Defense!

Pacific Gunner has you controlling up to 10 different gun stations, on the shore and on battleships and cruisers, to repel attacking fighter craft, enemy ships, and landing craft.

You will be able to lead assaults at historical sites, such as Pearl Harbor and Okinawa as you sink incoming aircraft with high-powered howitzers. Switch quickly between strategically placed gun turrets to blow away Japanese aircraft including Kates, Vals, and Bettys. Pave the way for allied beach landings with huge destroyer deck guns. Take on aerial and naval onslaughts with pick-up-and-play controls and easy-to-grasp tactical displays. Defend the fleet from island to island and lead America to victory!

How to Play:

  • Use the number keys to switch between battle stations.
  • Switch to the station that has the most non-blue dots (enemy ships and planes) closest to it.
  • Target the enemy planes and/or ships and fire at will! Conserve your ammo though because it is limited.
  • After you have fought off all the enemy waves, you can choose which strategic location to defend next! Fight all the locations to win the war!

Enjoy the thrill of Pacific Gunner!

  • Defend against crucial naval invasions that could turn the tide of the war
  • Become an ace at shooting down fast moving enemy aircraft
  • Test your shooting skills at all the different battle stations on each level
  • Relive the intensity of historical battles and help win the war!