Painkiller: Heaven’s Got a Hitman - Shooter Download Free

Put a Stop to the Unholy War of the Underworld

In Painkiller: Heaven's Got A Hitman, play the part of Daniel Garner, a man who just died in a car accident and is now trapped between heaven and hell. To earn an afterlife in heaven, Daniel must pay a price.

There's an unholy war being waged in the underworld and Daniel's mission is to stop it. Battle through hordes of zombies, skeletons and other hellish monsters and destroy Lucifer's army generals and end this war!

Fast-Paced, Intense Action!

In this intense first-person horror shooter, you must shoot and kill all enemy monsters. Battle your way through tons of levels packed with underwordly monsters to get to Lucifer's generals. Find bonuses along the way like ammunition, armor and new weapons, including five guns with powerful secondary fire like the Chaingun with a rocket launcher attached to it.

Collect your enemies' souls to gain health and once you collect 100 souls, you can temporarily turn into an invincible demon with awesome powers! Enjoy the thrill of blasting through well-designed levels and taking out tons of enemies with outrageous weapons and heavy metal background music!

Terrifyingly Addictive with Impressive Graphics

With simple controls and four difficulty settings even a beginner can put a stop to this war of the undead. The killer 3D graphics and intense gameplay are sure to keep anyone clicking. This game will give you adrenaline rush after adrenaline rush and the more you play, the less you'll want to quit playing.

Download Painkiller: Heaven's Got A Hitman now for a thrilling battle through the underworld!