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Shiny And New

PinOut is an odd but nifty approach to pinball, with a kick butt 80s look and a fun 'time-attack' focus. High scores still matter, but now you're limited by how quickly you can progress from one board to another rather than how many lives you have. It works. It works really well, in fact.

Timers Keep On Ticking

You'll have to keep moving if you want to get anywhere significant in PinOut. Accuracy is also very important, though.

  • Learn the layout. Each board will get increasingly complex as you move forward, with all sorts of dead ends and exits to watch out for. Try to get a feel for how everything is set up and plan your approach.
  • Try to collect the little glowy dots. These Pac-Man looking pellets will add time to the clock, giving you a better chance to keep going. Fortunately they're usually in conveniently placed groups.
  • Use the paddles to stop the ball. It's an age-old pinball trick, but still a very good one. By holding a paddle up as the ball rolls towards it, you can stop its motion in order to better control and line up your next shot.
  • Where the ball is along the paddle's edge when you flip will determine where it goes. The base (where it turns) will launch the ball towards the outside of the board (left for the left paddle, right for the right). More towards the center will knock the ball towards the center of the board. And, of course, the tip of the paddle will push the ball towards the reverse outer edge of the board (left from the right paddle, right from the left).
  • Look ahead. You can often see the next board from the current one, as well as the paths leading to it. Use this opportunity to figure out which route you want to take – and preferably aim for the one with all the time-increasing pellet things in it.
  • Don't fret if your paddle misses the ball, unlike regular pinball you don't lose if the ball falls between the paddles. Instead, it will just roll back to the previous board. You'll still have to knock the ball back through the exit path to get back to where you were, but you don't lose outright. Comebacks are still possible!
  • Flipping Great

    It does feel a teensy bit too easy to accurately guide the ball, but other than that PinOut is a treat. It looks great, plays great, flows from one level to the next great, and makes for a fun twist on a pretty old game. If you like mobile games designed to be played in short or long bursts, or even if you just like pinball, it's something worth checking out.