Pizza Frenzy - Task Management Download Free

The Stromboli family needs your help! Join Lorenzo, Paula, and the whole Stromboli clan to bring their age-old pizza recipe to the hungry masses and deliver pizzas as fast as possible. That's Pizza Frenzy!

Can you keep up with the demand for their gourmet pizza pies? Test your reflexes and scanning ability in the quick-clicking Speed mode. Want to boost your memory skills? Memory mode will do just that!

  • "I love this game! It is a fun, fast-paced game. I enjoy games like this, ones that keep you on your toes. It is similar to Diner Dash and Betty's Beer. Very fast-paced, the faster the better!" – Raemonda C.

If you can keep the customers happy and cash in big combos, you'll unlock new pizza toppings, exotic locales, and crazy new customers. Don't deliver to the thief or he will steal your money. The gossip will change all the orders to hers so you can get more frenzies. Plus many more great customers to find!

  • "I really enjoyed this game because it was simple for me to understand, but not boring like simple games usually are. I loved making my own pizzas, and all the little random infos given between levels were really great as well." – Avital K.

With 3 unique game modes, over 30 unlockable toppings, plus tons of levels and cities, Pizza Frenzy is a delicious break for everyone.