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A New 'Order' of Knighthood Awaits!

Kurestal is a dangerous place. The land is plagued with wolves, monsters and
bandits prowling the wilderness, and even the cities and villages have to
contend with the occasional dragon attack. In such a deadly world, how could
smitten teenagers ever hope to send vomit-inducing letters to their crushes, or
get their latest batch of cookies from Grandma? They do so through the
illustrious order of brave people who are not only knights, but postal workers
too. They are the Postknights!

Through Rain, Sleet and Monsters

As the newest member of the honorable Postknights, it will be your duty to
travel the land, deliver parcels, and let nothing stand in your way.

– Hack and slash your way through dozens of enemies across hundreds of levels
in six sprawling worlds.
– Cleave through your foes with your trusty sword and shield.
– Quaff potions to give yourself the edge in combat.
– Face challenging bosses.
– And more!

Train for Battle

You may be a newly anointed Knight of the Post, but you're still just a rookie.
It will take many brave deeds to your name before you can consider yourself a

– Gain experience from your victories.
– Train your battle prowess! Become the strongest, fastest and most durable
knight to ever roam the land.
– Purchase, acquire, and upgrade new weapons, shields, and suits of armor.
– Brew higher-grade potions.
– And more!

Take Up the Sword

If you're always on the move, then you can't go wrong with Postknight. It lets
you experience RPG strategy and combat in a way that's fast, furious and unlike
anything else out there. Pick up your sword and mail satchel and join the order