Press Your Luck - Puzzle Download Free

Bring Home the Big Bucks!

Are you smart and lucky enough to bring home the cash? Test yourself now in this 80s game show!

Exciting, Addicting Gameplay!

Pick a character and hit the stage with two other opponents. Answer trivia questions about movies, music, TV shows and more to earn spins.

After each round, use your spins on a board packed with money, prizes and whammies. Watch out for whammies because they'll steal all your cash! For each spin, click to see if you win big or lose it all!

If you win a game then you'll move on to tougher opponents and earn new items for your wardrobe.

Simple to Play But You'll Want to Play for Hours!

Feel the adrenaline rush with every spin! This addicting game will keep you busy for hours and you can play it again and again for more trivia and excitement.

Try to bring home tons of virtual cash now with Press Your Luck!