Puzzle Hero - RPG Download Free

Face an Evil Ghost Lord and Tons of Monsters!

A wicked ghost lord has kidnapped your little brother! Can you battle tons of different monsters in 65 levels and nine towns on your adventure to save him?

Battle RPG-Style by Playing Match Three Games

Play as a young warrior girl in this role-playing match three game. Advance your quest by battling more than 50 types of amusing enemies like the Gangsta Worm and the Ninja Reptile. During battle, fight an enemy by playing a unique turn-based match three game.

Make matches of three or more like tiles to make a move. Match three swords to launch an attack on the monster or match three healing potions to heal yourself. If you match three bags of gold, you'll earn money to use at the store, and three laurel crowns will earn you more points toward leveling up.

You can also charge your Super Shield to protect yourself from one enemy attack and Super Attack to give yourself one huge attack by matching groups of three shields or three minotaur heads. After you take your turn, the monster takes its turn and can perform the same actions.

At the store, you can use your gold to purchase items to improve your character's attack and defense. Buy different weapons, like swords or scepters, or buy shields, gloves, crowns and clothing. You can also buy magic spells such as fire, ice or poison. Everything you buy will be visible on your character as she does battle.

Make Strategic Choices and Enjoy Tons of Entertainment

This unique take on match three gaming will keep you entertained for endless hours with the amusing monsters, tons of weapons and clothes to buy and the excitement of searching for matches to make that perfect battle move. Once you've beaten the story mode, visit the Arena to battle any monster you've unlocked in story mode. This game is fun for all ages and will sweep you far out of boredom's reach any day!

She just wants to find her little brother! Can you help her defeat the monsters so the family can be reunited in Puzzle Hero?

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