Puzzle Quest - RPG Download Free

Great Blend of Match 3 and Role Playing Games!

Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords is not your average match 3, Bejeweled type game. For the first time role playing and puzzle games meet in a unique and fun blend that is a great change of pace.

Create a Fantasy Character

You start the game by selecting a class of character like a knight, druid, or wizard. Battles in the game are non-violent and take place on a grid of gems like Bejeweled. As you make matches, you earn mana (which is magic power) and can cast offensive and defensive spells on your opponent to help you win. You also earn experience points during the match that can be used to upgrade your character's abilities.

If that were all Puzzle Quest had to offer, it would still be good. However, not only do you upgrade your character, you can upgrade hometown citadel with offensive and defensive capabilities. You can capture cities which give you tax income from its citizens. Build a mage tower and learn spells from enemies. Create a stable and train monsters to help you in battle.

If you enjoy the match 3 type of puzzle gaming, Puzzle Quest will be a fun breath of fresh air. Give the free trial download a shot and enjoy this unique game.

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