Rainbow Six - Action and Shooters Download Free

The original game of the distinguished Rainbow Six series!

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six gives you complete command over a squad of expertly trained special military operatives from all over the world and all of their world-class equipment. As the best of the best, you and your team are called upon in only the most hazardous terrorist situations. It'll take sharp wits, quick reflexes, and careful planning if you want to save the world from a diabolical plot!

Tactical planning combined with realistic, squad-based combat

Critics have called Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six "revolutionary" for its perfect mix of strategy and first-person shooter action.

Before each mission, you're given a detailed briefing. Plan the routes of your teams on a complete map of the area which includes known and suspected locations of terrorists, bombs, hostages, and any other points of interest. Spend as much or as little time planning and outfitting the mission as you want, then jump right into the intense, pulse-pounding action!

A variety of modes brings great replay value

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six comes with three built-in difficulty levels, from recruit to veteran to elite. Once you complete it on one, move up a level and you'll need to design new plans to face new threats and meet new objectives. It becomes a whole new game!

You can also play with your friends in cooperative campaign mode, or against them in multiplayer matches. Take your skills to the Internet, against other online players, for an even more varied Rainbow Six gaming experience.

Interesting, detailed storyline leads to an explosive climax!

Will you go in with M-16s blazing, or take a stealthy approach with silenced MP-5 submachine guns? There's no "right" way to accomplish the objectives. Each one of the seventeen unique missions in the campaign allows you the freedom to decide! You choose what weapons, outfit, and equipment to take. Go it alone, lead seven other operatives, or anything in between!

With Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six, everything, including the very fate of the world, is up to you. Download Rainbow Six and experience the game that produced a ton of world class sequels and copycats.