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Take an Ill Pill

Remedy Rush keeps it
simple with a bare-bones control scheme, then makes it less simple by throwing
stuff like random pathways and explosions and prowling germs at you. All while
you try to stay ahead of The Creeping Sickness. So yeah, it's that stuff I just
mentioned plus you've got to constantly stay on the move. Hurray!

Sick Moves

Learning the basic
control scheme is just the beginning.

  • Don't worry about moving
    too fast the first few times you play. You're going to get caught one way or
    another so take your time and get used to learning some other useful tactics.

  • Always look ahead. Since
    you'll want to keep moving, you'll also want to make sure you can figure out
    the best way to press forward. It's extremely unlikely you'll get yourself
    stuck, but some routes will be easier than others.

  • Remember to use your
    health explosion power thing (Health Burst). Tap and hold the screen to blast
    every tile that surrounds your remedy. This will destroy germs, damage
    cells/blocks, and activate red exploding blocks. You can grab more as you see
    them (the green + symbols), but can only hold so many.

  • Don't worry about saving
    your booms. There are a lot of these thing sprinkled around, so use 'em if you
    got 'em. But maybe keep one on deck just in case you run into germs.

  • Use the red exploding
    blocks (Toxins) to your advantage. Their shape will show you how they'll blow
    up (X, +, a square, and ?). The ? ones explode randomly, so be careful around

  • Red blocks have a delay.
    When you bump them or explode on them, there will be a brief moment where they'll
    show the blast radius (via dotted lines) before blowing up. Make sure to get
    out of the way!

  • You can immediately blow
    up a red block by bumping it after its initial activation. This pretty much
    just works with the 'X' and some of the '?' blocks, though.

  • You can push germs. If
    you bump a germ and there's an empty space behind it, you'll push it away –
    great to give you some space, less great if you're trying to blow it up and
    miss. It can be a decent way to get out of a pinch if you get cornered with no
    health bursts, though.

Always remember your
remedy effects. Each one does something a little different, and knowing how
best to take advantage of them will be a big help. Some are passive to the
point where you don't need to think about them, but others can change things up
a fair bit.

Cough it Up

Remedy Rush isn't the
sort of game that will wow anyone with intense graphics or complex mechanics,
but it does simple and straightforward quite well. It's the sort of easy to
learn and tough to put down fun that always lends itself well to the mobile