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It is Time to Rise

We've all heard of the endless runner, where you run forward on and on without end to see how much distance you can cover before you crash. However, what would we call a game that's all about rising endlessly higher? Is it an endless riser? Would endless floater be more appropriate? How about endless ascender? Perhaps the best thing we can call it is Rise Up, for that just so happens to be the name of what could very well be the first of its kind.

Don't Let It Burst!

Who doesn't love balloons? Actually, it turns out a great many things. One of these nice, round, rubbery balls of joy and air is under constant threat as it floats higher and higher in the sky, and it falls upon you to protect it.

  • Shield your balloon from countless dangers
  • Break apart or push away massive blocks to open up a safe passage.
  • Ascend to over 40 levels.
  • Discover and complete 30 unique challenges.
  • Unlock a dozen distinct-looking balloons.
  • Climb the online leaderboards to see who has truly risen to the top.
  • And more!

Rise to the Challenge

Rise Up could not have been given a more appropriate title. With highly challenging gameplay that will potentially last forever, it truly is something that encourages you to rise up and never stop. Download it now, and see for yourself how things look from the top.