Risk 2 - Boards Classic Download Free

Risk: the Quintessential Game of Action, Strategy, and World Domination!

As a commanding general, guide your armies with honor and skill and you just might win the day. Your goal, of course, is simple: take over the entire world!

With Risk II, you can experience this wonderful game, one of the most popular board games of all time, like never before!

All the Addicting Fun of the Original With None of the Drawbacks

The official computer version of the Risk board game, Risk II is incredibly rich, detailed, and varied. It provides all the benefits of Risk plus a whole lot more, and none of its less enjoyable aspects.

Forget about long setup times, counting out armies, or keeping track of cards, because Risk II is a much quicker and smoother way to play. Here's one thing for sure: this ain't your daddy's Risk game!

Great Variety – Three Unique Game Modes!

Whether you're a fan of traditional Risk or might be looking for something new, you're in for a treat with Risk II!

  • With Classic Risk, play using the exact rules of the venerable board game. Battle with any of 16 computer-controlled generals, each with their own personality and characteristics. Available in any mode, you can face off against the best of the best, including Napoleon Bonaparte and the Duke of Wellington!
  • In the all-new Same Time Risk mode, there are no individual turns. Instead, each player draws up battle plans, and they are carried out simultaneously. It's a totally unique addition to the world of Risk!
  • Tournament Risk combines both modes in a series of increasingly challenging games with varied winning objectives.

With all these game modes, Risk II gives you a great blend of the old and the new!

The Gameplay in Risk II Provides Tons of Depth and Complexity

Just like you'd expect from a Risk game, Risk II includes lots of customizable rules and options designed to give you the very best gameplay possible!

  • In-depth tutorials familiarize you with the more intricate details of each style of play.
  • Change the game's winning objectives – Mission Risk, Capital Risk, or Domination – all your favorite ways to play are here!
  • Use diplomacy to make alliances with other players, but watch out or you could get back stabbed when you least expect it.
  • Risk II even comes with options to use completely new territories! Hawaii, the Philippines, Svalbard, the Falkland Islands, New Zealand – play with just one or two and the entire strategy of the game could be changed!

New and Improved Graphics and Animations!

The classic Risk board will be easily recognizable – it's reproduced crisply and clearly, and every detail is accurate to the original. For a new perspective, switch to globe view in which you see the world as if from outer space.

Yet another great feature of Risk II: battle animations! Every time your troops engage the enemy, you've got a front row seat as the camera will zoom in on the action and you'll actually see infantrymen, cavalrymen, and artillery cannon firing at each other from whatever territories happen to be the battleground at the time.

Great Multiplayer Options Complete Your Risk II Experience

Can't find anyone to play board game Risk with you? Get Risk II and you won't have to worry about that problem ever again!

Go up against a bunch of computer opponents, grab a friend for a hot seat game, or play friends over a local network. When you're ahead, laugh it up with the in-game chat feature!

All things considered, Risk II is truly one of the best video games of its kind you will ever find, bar none.

Game mode variety, gameplay options, great graphics and animations, multiplayer – Risk II has it all, so what are you waiting for? Get your campaign started today!

Risk 2 Game Features Include:

  • Mission Risk option – every team gets a defined mission that must be accomplished before winning the game
  • "Same-Time-Turn" mode – lets multiple armies and players attack the same territory at once
  • Classic map or Advanced map with added territories
  • Optional diplomacy and alliances
  • Optional 3-D world globe view
  • Single or multiplayer capability over a LAN (local area network) – play your friends!
  • In game chat – tell your friends how bad they are losing!

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